Stonehouse Distillery

Stonehouse Distillery Overview

Stonehouse Distillery was established in 2012 and founded by European born John and Snezhi Grahlert. Inspired by admiration for the local values and traditions to handcraft small-batch Rum & Whiskey, they settled in Winston, Montana, a tiny placelocated at the base of the Elkhorn Mountains overlooking the spot where the Missouri River expands to form Canyon Ferry Lake. This perfect place they called home truly is the “Last Best Place” to live and work and they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  

We use a traditional copper pot still, handmade especially for us in Portugal. All our spirits are lovingly created in-house: we grind the grain; mash with pure Montana mountain water that is naturally filtered through our local limestone deposits: ferment in single-batches and then use our traditional hand-made copper still to extract the finished product. It is more than just a family business; it is the way to connect to our heritage! The Montana state flower is the Bitterroot, the state bird is the Western Meadowlark, the state animal is the Grizzly Bear, the state fish is the black spotted cutthroat trout, and state gemstones are sapphire and agate. 

Now behold the mighty huckleberry: Effective July 1, 2023 it’s now Montana’s official state fruit. These small berries grow on mountainous bushes and are smaller than a blueberry and darker in color as well. Huckleberries are only found in the wild and have never been cultivated. The bushes cannot be transplanted and therefore the only way to enjoy huckleberries is to pick them, or purchase fromsomeone who has. For this reason, huckleberries are so precious!  

It’s only natural (pun intended) that Stonehouse Distillery immediately started creating the finest Montana Huckleberry Whiskey, made simply with our Wheat Whiskey distilled from Montana Wheat, blended with nothing but 100% Montana Huckleberries. To make this fine spirit – along with our other fine offerings – available to enthusiasts across the country we’ve now partnered with nationwide distributors. You can now enjoy the taste of Montana without the cold weather. Cheers!

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