Headframe Spirits

Headframe Spirits Overview

Headframe is not a surface-level distillery. We dig deep to keep it real. Like the metals once extracted from local mines, the stuff that goes into our spirits is precious. Each one is a unique blend of premium Montana ingredients distilled in hand-made, continuous-flow stills by masters of the craft right here in Butte. Whether you prefer clear, copper or creamy, we’ve got you covered.

Serious about transparency, ethics and environmental impact, Headframe is proud to be one of Montana’s only woman-led certified B Corporations. From compostable cocktail accessories to water conservation in our distillation process, we believe that sustainable work is critical to the future of our planet. We build our equipment with sustainability at the forefront. We know that small businesses play an integral role in sustainability so, we take the initiative making sure the world will be a little bit better for Headframe having been in it.

Staying true to our Community is more than a priority—it’s in our blood. From the dedicated workforce we employ, to the top-quality products we share with the world, we’re constantly digging deeper to provide the best in the business. As our brand expands and evolves, we’ll strive to remain true to our roots and the community we serve.

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