Philipsburg Brewing Company

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Philipsburg Brewing Company Overview

Nolan and Cathy Smith opened Philipsburg Brewing Company in 2012. The brewery now operates two locations, “The Vault” is located downtown and “The Springs” located just up the hill at the original site of the Kroger Brewery which opened in 1875. Philipsburg is located in the Pintler Mountains along Montana Highway 1 (the Pintler Veterans’ Memorial Scenic Highway). In addition to the high quality wheat and barley produced throughout the state, Philipsburg Brewing Company has access to an incredible water source with a spring located right on property. The springs offer a clean pallet for head brewer Mike Elliott to craft the Philipsburg beer. In addition to the brewery, Nolan and Cathy own Montana Silver Springs which bottles the clean natural spring water. Both their beer and water is bottled in the resealable Alumi-Tek bottles. Philipsburg, Montana came to life with the boom of silver in the late 1800s, but as the bottom fell out of silver, the thing that kept Philipsburg on the map was their cache of Montana sapphires. Today, the most popular activity in the area is gem mining. In addition to sapphire mining, Discovery Ski Area and Georgetown Lake bring hundreds to the area with no shortage of outdoor recreational opportunities.

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