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Lewis and Clark Brewing Company Overview

In 2001, Max Pigman, owner of Lewis & Clark Brewing Company, embarked on a journey that would establish a craft brewery that has become a staple in the Helena community. In 2005, the brewery was proudly introduced with a name that pays homage to the iconic explorers of the Corps of Discovery, Lewis and Clark. The brewery’s identity is rooted in a spirit of adventure and discovery. The brewery was initially located under the Brewhouse restaurant, Lewis & Clark Brewery quickly gained popularity not only in Helena, but beyond with their canning enterprise. The unwavering support of the community has allowed the brewery to prosper in Helena, going through a number of changes and expansions as they moved to their current location at 1535 Dodge Avenue.

With all the growth and success, Lewis & Clark Brewing remains true to its roots as a family owned business. When visiting the taproom, you’ll find a variety of microbrews from their most popular Miner’s Gold hefeweizen to the Juicy Hazy IPA and everything in between. In addition to their popular beers, Lewis & Clark has crafted a great selection of hard seltzers, one being their Brewer’s H2O, a hoppy seltzer perfect for beer lovers looking for a beverage with fewer calories. In addition to incredible craft beverages, the taproom is home to Vigilante Pizza! Pizza and beer is the perfect combination; add a full schedule of live entertainment and you are sure to find a new favorite watering hole.

Staying true to their Montana roots, Lewis & Clark Brewery sources a significant portion of their ingredients locally. From wheat and barley to even sugar beets, they embrace the flavors of Montana. One of the most unique brews Lewis & Clark puts together each year is a “Neighborhood IPA” which features hops grown and donated from right in the Helena community. This unique brew empowers patrons to have a personal connection to the brewery reinforcing a sense of ownership in the brewery. In addition to sourcing locally, they provide their spent grain to local producers for their livestock.

Lewis & Clark Brewing has earned its reputation as one of the most popular breweries in Montana for several reasons including: exceptional craftsmanship, unique and diverse beer selections,embracing Montan’s heritage, entertainment and community involvement, and recognition & awards. Lewis & Clark has established itself as a destination brewery in Montana with resident and nonresident visitors seeking out the taproom to enjoy the unique experiences offered to craft beer enthusiasts.

Lewis & Clark Brewing captures the essence of Montana’s brewing culture with every pour, and visitors will have the opportunity to embark on their own journey as they explore the heart and soul of Montana’s craft brewing culture.

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About the Helena area

As Montana’s Capital City, Helena is a destination rich in history. During the summer months, embark on a boat tour of the iconic Gates of the Mountains of the Missouri River noted in the Lewis and Clark journals, hop aboard the Last Chance Tour Train to explore Helena’s downtown, or take a walking tour led by the Montana History Foundation.

Keep digging into the town’s history with a visit to the original Governor’s Mansion, the Montana Capitol Building, or the Cathedral of St. Helena. While in town, consider visiting the Myrna Loy or Grand Street Theatre for a live performance or get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful community.

Whether you are looking for hiking, biking, camping, fishing or water recreation there is plenty to do in Helena!

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Lewis and Clark Brewing Company FAQ

What beers are currently on Tap?

The selection of beers on tap changes over time, but you can always find something local and delicious. For a current list of beers on tap, visit the tap room website.

Where can I find the Food Menu?

The food menu can be found on our Vigilante Pizza website. On that site you’ll find tons of delicious options from pizza (of course) to flat breads, salads, and delicious sides. Make sure you try one of their local craft beers while you’re there!

Where did the name Lewis and Clark Brewing Company come from?

The name pays homage to the iconic explorers of the Corps of Discovery, Lewis and Clark. The brewery’s identity is rooted in a spirit of adventure and discovery, and they were inspired by the bravery of the explorers in the 1800s. Learn more about the Lewis and Clark Expedition here.

What kinds of upcoming events is Lewis and Clark Hosting?

There’s always something fun and exciting going on at the brewery and tap room. For a current list of upcoming events, visit the Tap Room website events page.