Butte Brewing Co.

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Butte Brewing Co. Overview

When Tony Olson decided to open a brewery in Butte, his goal was to bring back the Historic Butte Brewing Company with everything from the labels to the experience. The new Butte Brewing Co. re-opened their doors in 2015. In Butte it’s all about the people. Butte is a blue collar, hard working town and that shows when you strike up a conversation in the taproom. The Richest Hill on Earth gained fame as a successful mining town. The mines produced enough copper in the 20th century to leave Butte as the largest producer in North America. As a mining town full of shift workers, the beer flowed freely in Butte at all hours of the day. To quote Tony, “there was a lot of beer served in this town.” Butte’s craft brewery has in the neighborhood of 20 brews on tap, if not more. In addition to the beers, which run the gamut from Hazy IPAs to a Honey Cream Ale, Butte Brewing offers a Checo Root Beer. Checo root beer is a nod to the prohibition era soft drink that allowed the historic brewery to keep their doors open.

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About the Butte area

Experience the captivating charm of Butte, Montana, where history and adventure converge. Delve into the region’s rich mining heritage at the World Museum of Mining, then embrace the enigmatic past on a Spooks and Spirits tour. Discover the heart of the city aboard the trolley, uncovering hidden gems at every corner. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty as you hike along the Continental Divide, with breathtaking vistas awaiting your gaze. Thompson Park is the perfect place to enjoy Montana’s wide-open space. Across town, the well-known Berkley Pit reminds us of the area’s mining legacy. Feel the nostalgic joy of the Spirit of Columbia Gardens Carousel and step back in time with a tour of the Copper King Mansion. Uptown beckons with its vibrant energy and local events, catch a live performance at the Mother Lode Theater or grab a bite to eat! Uptown promises a taste of community and culture that completes this unforgettable Butte experience.

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